All Logicians and the guest are separate programs ("software agents") that communicate with one another. If you want to know what happens at the Isle of Logicians, you should start up one guest and a number of blue-eyed and green-eyed Logicians. All programs will be closed if the guest program is closed. Do not take too many Logicians (for instance 2 blue-eyed and 1 green-eyed Logician is very good).
Download the Logician programs (844 kB) (click here for the Dutch version)

Screen dump of my desktop after starting a few Logicians and the guest

The programs BlueEyedLogician.exe and GreenEyedLogician.exe are exactly the same -- except for the icon -- (you can check this by renaming these programs). If the name of the exe-file starts with "green" the color of the eyes in the image is made green and the Logician will submit "I have green eyes" to all other Logicians and to the guest, without knowing this fact.
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