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Dutch version (Nederlandse versie)Personal Page of Theo Hupkens


Windows programs

"Meow""Me aw-am Rocky""mew"

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Delphi programs

Important news: You can get a free one-year licence for the Delphi Community Edition for non-commercial use. This is a very well featured version that allows you to compile for several platforms. Click here for more information.
Unfortunately, Microsoft and a number of virus checkers make it almost impossible for me to start executables directly from the site. Users get a lot of warnings when they try this. That's why I am now reprogramming most of my programs in JavaScipt. You can still download some freeware programs from my site, but you have to unblock them for full functionality.

Delphi components (program variables and comments are in Dutch)

Some of these components can be downloaded from the URL at the bottom of this page. Read paper "Design Time Active Components"


MS-DOS programs


You can find more information in Dutch at the following locations:

Last modified August 18, 2018